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Apartments in Villa for holidays in the countryside in Castiglion Fibocchi, Arezzo


Apartments in a Tuscan Leopoldina

The Tuscany Resort Occhini is a "Leopoldina" typical rural early '800, a true historical heritage of Tuscany. These houses were owed by the Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Lorraine regent of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Ample and solid houses, with the hallway or porch, with the graceful loggias covered, dominated by Colombaria tower with a rectangular shape.

On the ground floor were housed the stables for the animals, the wineries, the wine cellar and the barns.

On the first floor there were rooms and a large kitchen that house par excellence because, as to the ancient Romans the kitchen was the center of family life. The Leopoldine housed several members of those patriarchal families, also made up of thirty or forty people (necessary to cultivate farms so extensive; families usually consist of several nuclei related to each other). Among some of these often no longer existed family ties, yet they were bound by ties of respect and united by perfect agreement.

So begins the story of the Tuscany Resort Occhini, which is designed to have prompted the Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage to declare the special artistic and historical interest.

Years ago the brothers George and Romeo Valeri rediscovered among the thorns that had completely invaded the ruins of this Leopoldina, in childhood, it had been the mysterious place of their games.

Now holding a large and established construction company, eager to revive the splendor and charm of a building that features an entire area, age and experience, they decided to buy it.

Apartments in Villa for holidays in the countryside in Castiglion Fibocchi, Arezzo

At great sacrifice, over the years they have restored it to its original beauty restructuring it wisely in accordance with the requirements of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage. They enriched the property adding a car park and a swimming pool, obtaining beautiful and comfortable apartments.

The wife and children of George, Maria Ivana Occhini, Gabriel and Michael Valeri, with vision and entrepreneurial skills, have decided to make their investment for the future. They created the "Tuscany Resort Occhini" which today occupies the entire Valeri family with the collaboration of the young daughters Silvia and Aishah. Today the Tuscany Resort Occhini is a natural place to relax and Tuscan lifestyle.

Apartments in Villa for holidays in the countryside in Castiglion Fibocchi, Arezzo