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What to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany tours from Resort Occhini


Tuscany jewel of treasures to discover

This is a magical land that preserves natural and cultural treasures enviable. Initiatives related to the folklore and traditions will not fail to win you over. Do not miss, in winter, the beautiful appointment with the "Carnival of the Figli di Bocco". Two hundred masks, costumes of the most varied, imaginative and colorful, dotted with as many precious stones of multiple colors in the streets, alleys and squares of the old town of Castiglion Fibocchi.

In nearby Arezzo, every first Saturday and Sunday of the month there is another historic event. This is the Antiques Fair and it is the oldest in Italy, presenting to the public, collectors and fans of the genre, a large amount of objects that make up the history and identity of our civilization.

Enthusiasts and insiders are always uncovering and exploring the rare item or curiously walking through the streets of the historic center of the city.

Another unmissable event is the Giostra del Saracino this is the main historical evocation of the city of Arezzo.

The event has its roots in the Middle Ages, it is held twice a year: the second Saturday of June at night edition (Joust of San Donato) and the first Sunday of September in the daytime edition (Tournament of Our Lady of Consolation). A thrilling jousting tournament that attracts thousands of visitors thanks to the fascinating historical parade with hundreds of participants that is the setting.

Castiglion Fibocchi

Along the ancient Roman road Cassia Vetus, located on the slopes of a typical sweet Tuscan hill, is the small town of Castiglion Fibocchi of medieval origin. The town of Castiglion Fibocchi is located on the foothills of the Pratomagno looking towards Arezzo.

Among the must-see attractions is definitely the appointment with the "Carnival of the Figli di Bocco" a moment of elegant folklore. Hundreds of masks, with imaginative and colorful costumes, parade revelers in the historic center of the historic village of Castiglion Fibocchi. Bocco, from which the current name of the town Fibocchi, was the nickname of Ottaviano Pazzi, lord of the land in the Middle Ages. Tradition says that in the years of Bocco, during the carnival days, the people by honoring their master would find themself in the streets and squares of the village for a feast and dance. Hence the ambitious idea of the tireless promoters and organizers of this carnival to revive after hundreds of years these moments through the elegant carnival for its style could be defined as "a small Carnival of Venice in the land of Arezzo". To show every year they converge in thousands to Castiglion Fibocchi.

What to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany tours from Resort Occhini


Arezzo, which has given birth to artists like Petrarch, Masaccio, Piero della Francesca and Michelangelo, Giorgio Vasari and Aretino, is a city full of surprises.

Arezzo was an important city during the Etruscan domination, in the upper part of the city dating from the Middle Ages is the Cathedral, the Medici Fortress, aristocratic palaces and ancient towers. The lower town is constantly expanding. Among the places not to be missed is the church of San Francesco with the frescoes of Piero della Francesca.

What to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany tours from Resort Occhini

La Verna e Camaldoli

The sanctuary of La Verna in the Casentino area, on a mountain covered by a forest of beech and fir trees, it is visible from all over the Casentino from high Tiber Valley and has a unique shape with its peak (1283 m) cut vertically into three parts. Above the rock and wrapped the forest is the largest complex of the Sanctuary that houses numerous treasures of spirituality, art, culture and history. Another important religious site in the area is the monastery of Camaldoli, where during the eleventh century St. Romuald founded the Order of the Camaldolese.

What to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany tours from Resort Occhini


Is one of the most beloved towns by tourists from around the world. A great place to come for those in search of signs of the Etruscan past of Tuscany. The city is located on a hill and has a spectacular view of the Chiana valley and Mount Amiata. Originally a powerful Etruscan, Cortona was conquered by the Romans and Goths before becoming a free commune in the twelfth century, during which reached its peak. The center of Cortona is represented by Piazza della Repubblica and the nearby Praetorian Palace, now the Etruscan Museum, the most important artifact is the famous chandelier dating from the fifth century a.c. The Diocesan Museum, which is located opposite the cathedral contains the Annunciation by Fra Angelico and other works by important Tuscan artists, including Luca Signorelli, a native of Cortona.

Other churches to see includes San Francesco Gothic and the Sanctuary of Santa Margherita which contains the body of the saint dead in 1362. From the Medici fortress can contemplate the landscape and in the north east of Cortona, just outside the walls, you can visit the hermitage of the Celle, founded by St. Francis in 1211.

What to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany tours from Resort Occhini


Florence is located in the center of Tuscany and in Italy, it is one of the most important cities for art, architecture, culture, commerce and industry.

Given its location, it is easily accessible and well connected to other major centers or through highway railroad. Among the places of art and worship the best known of the city there are certainly the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Baptistery, the Uffizi Gallery, the Bargello and the Galleria dell 'Accademia. The churches of Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce then are real art galleries, as well as the Laurentian Library is an exceptional expression of Michelangelo's architectural genius. You should also visit the important and diverse collections held at the Palazzo Pitti, the romantic Ponte Vecchio and the Boboli Gardens.

What to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany tours from Resort Occhini


The Gothic capital. Siena since 1995, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the heart of the city don’t miss the visit to Piazza del Campo, one of the famous landmarks. Also worth a visit, the Government Building, the museum and the Cathedral built in the late twelfth century. Twice a year, in July and August the inhabitants recreate the medieval heritage in the famous tournament of the Palio. In cities in the program more than 600 events each year, often of extraordinary quality as the summer music festivals and major exhibitions. In Siena also handicrafts, gastronomy and wines achieve excellence and bring a message of culture and tradition.

What to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany tours from Resort Occhini


Montalcino owes its fame to the production of the famous wine "Brunello di Montalcino", loved and celebrated abroad. Montalcino is perched on top of a hill overlooking a single glance the Val d'Orcia, the Val d'Arbia and the Ombrone Valley.

It was structured in a typically medieval time, offers to visit the Town Hall, the Cathedral and the churches of S. Agostino, S. Egidio and S. Francesco. In the Archaeological Museum are interesting findings from the area, from prehistoric times and Etruscan, while in the Museum you can see two terracottas by Andrea della Robbia.

What to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany tours from Resort Occhini


This medieval town is a treat not to be missed that offers a rare beauty, with rolling hills and cypress trees that are the envy of postcard of Tuscany. In the historical center of considerable interest are the Duomo, Palazzo Piccolomini and the Diocesan Museum, which houses works by Sodoma and magnificent Flemish tapestries of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Pienza is famous for the production of cheese, typically made from sheep's milk, obtained in the Val d'Orcia countryside, among the ravines and its undulating hills, "Crete", and seasoned in a variety of flavors ranging from leaves walnut, grape skin and is left seasoning in a pit.

What to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany tours from Resort Occhini


Charming medieval village in the province of Siena located at the highest point of the Tuscan hills. It 'a beautiful example of Renaissance architecture and is known as the pearl of the fifteenth century of which are symbolized by the Cathedral, the Loggia del Mercato and the Avignonese Tarugi and palaces, as well as Palace Bucelli that welcomes today the remains of Etruscan and Latin inscriptions. Other interesting places to visit are the church of St. Agnes, patroness of the city and the Civic Museum. Montepulciano is the home of the excellent Nobile Tuscan Wine.

What to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany tours from Resort Occhini


Powerful Etruscan center and an important medieval town. Perugia preserves important and lovely traces of its splendid historical periods. Capital of the Umbria region, cultural and tourist destination prominent and prestigious seat of the University of Studies for over 700 years with students from around the world, define its strong international vocation. Among the places not to be missed is the thirteenth-century Fontana Maggiore, a walk in the historical center, Palazzo dei Priori, Rocca Paolina, the National Gallery is one of the most important art galleries in central Italy.

What to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany tours from Resort Occhini


Enchanting and spiritual town in Umbria lies at the foot of Mount Subasio. Founded by the Etruscans and Romans, Assisi was the birthplace of St. Francis, patron saint of Italy.

The main attraction of Assisi is the Basilica of 1300, important pilgrimage center. Consists of two churches, the upper part built between 1228 and 1230, which contains frescoes by Giotto and Cimabue on the life of St. Francis and the lower part built between 1230 and 1253 and on the side is the Franciscan monastery, founded by Santo in 1206. Another magnificent example of Gothic architecture is the church of Santa Chiara, where the crucifix which allegedly spoke to Saint Francis.

What to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany tours from Resort Occhini